In April of 2010, just 3 months after their graduation from culinary school, Cody and Sam Carroll opened Hot Tails in an old drive-thru convenience store.  Focusing on a mix of Cajun and Creole with a dash of creativity, their food has been referred to more than once as “Hardcore South Louisiana Cuisine”. Hot Tails – a casual yet refined joint with a liberally spiced menu that regularly lures fascinated foodies from all across Louisiana. Cody and Sam have been recognized for their culinary talents both regionally and nationally. In 2013 they were crowned King and Queen of Louisiana Seafood. Louisiana Cookin’ Magazine named Cody, Chef to Watch in 2014. They starred in their own Food Network show, Cajun Aces, 2017-2018. They brought their love of Louisiana cuisine to cook for dignitaries across the world, including China and Japan. Sam also competed on Beat Bobby Flay, taking home the win in 2018 against the famous chef himself.